Monday, October 11, 2010

Origami Waterlily Tack pins

Update: This tutorial was featured on HoneyBear Lane. See it Here.

This is an extremly easy way to jazz up your simple tack pins/push pins. And you don't need anything much other than some scrap papers that are lying around. So if you have some paper you just threw in the bin then fish it out and MAKE THIS!

Things you need:
Any scrap papers - notes you've scribbled, old newspapers, maybe even andy wrappers or post it notes!
Pushpins/ Tackpins
Glue gun or any other glue

1.       Take a square piece of paper. Mine is  about 3 x 3 inches with one side colored and the other side white.

The side which you consider the right side will ultimately be the color of your flower
2.       Keeping the white side facing you fold and unfold along the diagonals making creases .

3.       Fold all corners to the center.

4.       Again fold all the corners to the center.

5.       Now all the four corners meet at the center. Fold them outwards leaving a small gap at the edges ( see yellow dotted line in pic for reference).

6.       Turn over.

7.       Fold indicated corners to the center. While doing this the petals will form and the flower will begin to change into 3D.

8.       Now turn over again.

9.       Fold the corners meeting in the center outwards leaving a small gap at the edges ( see yellow dotted line) .

10.   The waterlily is done.

11.   Now glue the waterlilies to the top of tack pins or glue them under piercing the pin through the center.

12.   Done!

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  1. I love origami,I found your Blog through Posh Pilar. I am also a new crafting blog, come check it out ;)

  2. They are so pretty! I'd love to try them, I'm just not too sure about my crafting ability. We do have some origami paper around here, so maybe I'll give it a go! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  3. I love these! Origami is such a beautiful art. Would you be willing to guest post this tutorial on my blog? Email me if you want to. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Thanks so much for the origami tutorial. I am redoing a desk for my dd for her b-day and also making a message board these will be perfect to add to it!

    Love the fish too! I could feed them all day!

  5. These are so pretty! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I will be making some of these for the tack board by my desk. Lovely!