Friday, October 15, 2010

My Design for Shabby Apple Dresses!

Whew! Finished at the last moment(Almost!)...
So here's my entry for the dress design for Shabby Apple dresses!

So what do you think? Is this something you would like wearing in spring?

It has an empire waist with an A line skirt . The sleeves are very much like cap sleeves but they are made up of knife pleats and the hemline also has about knife pleats all around (about 3-4 inches high) that hit just below the knee.The fabric would either be a lightweight cotton or a jersey knit for the green and a silk/satin or cotton fabric for the pleats.

My inspiration was THIS:

This is a beautiful plant in my garden. It has these really soft velvety leaves that are a greyish green tone and it has awesome violet/purple flowers! These two colors look so beautiful together...I knew instantly when I heard about the contest that these were the colors I wanted to design the dress in!
Unfortunatly this plant is not in bloom now so this is the only photograph I have that shows its true color( will update with more photos when it flowers).
 That is the green tone I was aiming for but it didn't come out well in the drawing!

Here's another plant in my garden that has similar colored flowers.

 It was fun designing! Thanks to Shabby Apple Dresses for the opportunity!
You can see the rules/guidlines and more information about the contest on their blog here.


  1. I think it is lovely!
    The pleated sleeves and hem are a nice detail.
    Good luck with the competition!

  2. So gorgeous, darling!
    Love the inspiration and design!


  3. Love the dress design! Especially the sleeves and trim on the bottom!

  4. Not in those colors, but YES the design is adorable! (I'd wear it in a soft cream/peach with bright white ruffles :D)

  5. really lovely and so pretty! :)